i'm awkward and so can you!

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Mella. (She/Her) ISFJ, if that matters. Uncomfortable in social situations. Anxious 99.8% of the time. Consistently awkward around other human-beings. Empathetic. Nice. Occasionally funny. Sarcastic. Loves music. Fond of puppies and other cute animals (though especially puppies.) Has a thing for beards, gingers, and tall guys. Enjoys traveling. Likes riding shotgun on roadtrips. Slightly geeky. Would wear dresses all the time if it were feasible. Has a compulsive need to be liked. Sleeps on the left side of the bed. Indecisive. Doesn't bite. Free to good home. ♥

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Dear Universe,

Chase has asked me to inform you… he’s a genius.

Thank you for listening.

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