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Mella. (She/Her) ISFJ, if that matters. Uncomfortable in social situations. Anxious 99.8% of the time. Consistently awkward around other human-beings. Empathetic. Nice. Occasionally funny. Sarcastic. Loves music. Fond of puppies and other cute animals (though especially puppies.) Has a thing for beards, gingers, and tall guys. Enjoys traveling. Likes riding shotgun on roadtrips. Slightly geeky. Would wear dresses all the time if it were feasible. Has a compulsive need to be liked. Sleeps on the left side of the bed. Indecisive. Doesn't bite. Free to good home. ♥

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"Mella loves Haymitch, and that is just fine.
If I were James Potter, I’d make her mine!
She wants to write me a fanfiction, oh my god wow-o-wee
I bet if she did, when I read it I’d pee (or squee….)
We’re going to go on a road trip, me her and John Green
Like Margo Roth Spiegelman, Mella is the queen :D
My rhyming is nothing like Takumi’s, so for now I am done
One day, just like Katniss, we’ll indulge in Peeta’s cheesy buns! (you can take that as sexually as you want to hahaha)"
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